Thanksgiving, but Smørrebrød and Tunnbröd (I still can’t pronounce ’em)

Well, the past two weeks have been a jam-packed festival of family and friends and good food, and that means blogging has been a true struggle. But here we are!!

For the DIS-designated late November break, I had three days off, allowing the perfect amount of time for visitors, and right around Thanksgiving time. Utilizing it to perfection, my parents traveled all the way to Copenhagen, my first time seeing them in almost 6 months!


I began their tour by dragging their jet-lagged bodies all over the city in search of substantial food, which turned into the Danish exquisite smørrebrød. Then we took a fine espresso shot and went on our way (At least with my father, as Mother Peacock crashed).

The next couple of days, I took them up the spiraling Church of Our Savior to view the cityscape, we went to copious Christmas markets, and visited my host family’s home. That following Friday, my girlfriend, Haley, and one of our closest friends, Dana, came and spent the weekend in the city with us.


It’s hard to express how wonderous it felt to be surrounded with love by family and friends after so long!

That Friday night, we all had dinner with my host family at Vapiano, where everyone I love over here met everyone I love from over there – an exhilarating meal! My host brother, Julius, and my dad blew the fuse on historical conversations as my host mother, Kathrine, and Haley and Dana talked about love for Denmark, France, and also my screw-ups over the semester to which Kathrine called me, Idiot brain!, with a chuckle.


We went from there into Christmas at Tivoli, a vast Christmas market full of Nisse (Danish gnomes), lights, bright trees, and beautiful waterscapes. We all shared in Irish coffee, Flødeboller, and good times.


It was a wonderful weekend that ended so quickly, it seemed! Everyone went back by super early flights that following Monday, and classes began with full-throttle into finals. It’s tough to get back into it, but memories like these keep you pushing forward!


Author: stlpeacock

Hello there! My name is Andrew and I am a student of English at The College of Wooster in Ohio, The United States. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and always love spontaneity! My favorite things include writing, hiking, traveling, reading, music, and meeting new people.

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