Hello all,

I extend a very warm welcome for each of you to my blog – a journal and collection of the stories I come across every day, new and old. Here, I will do my best to discover the sparks in stories everywhere, from one flame to the next.

I am one of many who is passionate about storytelling. It brings us together; whether you tell it from across the dinner table, on a plane with a stranger, or amongst the flames of a campfire with family, there are sparks everywhere waiting for the necessary air to glow with vigor.

The rawness of exploring a new idea or place is simply exhilarating to me. Through this blog, I want to bring my journal to the endless web of stories in the world. I want to explore the scenes in my everyday life, hopefully bringing them some color and discovering new ideas and perspectives along the way.

I do not desire to strike a pattern in what I post and when I post. I will one day be writing a short story – and the next I may compose a gallery, or a poem, or a scene from some moment in the past that I found meaning in. Whatever it is and wherever it goes, I hope you may find meaning in it too.

With love,